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Hard Sensation

Maybe a version of the good Aristide "the Caribbean" Massaccesi, of a rape revenge or maybe a simple excuse to make another porn under the Dominican Republic sun. Everything is worth. Anyway "Hard Sensation", written by George Eastman as Tom Salina, is for me, with the two zombie porn, the best episode of this period of D’Amato.

Of course, "Hard Sensation" has a ton of erotic and porn scenes that begin after only seven minutes with Dirce Funari, Annj Goren and an unaccredited friend of these, who masturbate on a bed at different times.

In short, an appetizer that introduces us to a story that, yes is an excuse for the nice Mark Shannon to penetrate Annj Goren, Lucia Ramirez and the other unaccredited actress in various ways. It must be said, however, that "Hard Sensation" in addition to eroticism and porn, also has a little plot that justifies the events and has a little action. Of course, everything is submerged by naked bodies and ridiculous situations, such as the scene in which the tomato should be the blood of a smashed face and then, we must not forget the absurd dialogues and the classic poor acting, despite George Eastman who could have elevated the artistic side a little. However, I repeat, compared to others of the same period, there is a little more verve here.

The story tells about Dirce Funari, Annj Goren and the other unaccredited actress, three rich girls, who spend a holiday in a villa of one of them on an island. With them there is Miss Perez, (Lucia Ramirez), their severe teacher, who scolds them if they are in topless, and a couple of bodyguards. The friends, always half-naked or naked and above all bored, instead of having fun with the bodyguards, begin to find pleasure among themselves, while the poor bodyguards drool all the time.

However, the Sapphic idyll is interrupted by the arrival of three fugitive played by Eastman, Shannon and another unaccredited actor. The trio take control of the situation and especially take hostage the girls with Shannon, the villain, who begins to annoy crying "I haven't done it for ten years!" despite Eastman, the good guy, tell him to calm down. The third, on the other hand, is a homosexual continually bullied by his companions.

The moustached Italian porn actor shows us a large sample of hard scenes t with Lucia Ramirez, the favourite, Annj Goren and the other unaccredited actress, without missing the classic oral sex scenes on the beach (one with Lucia Ramirez we also see in "Orgasmo Nero"). As always, Dirce Funari plays only erotic scenes and here among other things she plays a virgin, forced by Shannon to have sex with Eastman on the beach.

Bodies that slam aside, blowjobs and so on, the girls in the last minutes overturn the situation leading to a quick revenge. Well, Shannon and the other kill Eastman therefore only two remain on the list, with the unaccredited actor ending up with the tomato on the face. Shannon is then shot and then the four women looking at the sea (wtf!).

D'Amato as always brings home another film as a good craftsman of the cinema, a film that stands out as well as for the three performers for an excellent soundtrack by Alessandro Alessandroni, which pushes this film even further among the best of the its period.