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Love and Death in the Garden of the Gods 

Style and seduction, with an interesting interlocking narration, the excellent cinematography by Romano Scavolini and an equally excellent soundtrack by Giancarlo Chiaramello.
Sauro Scavolini directing with a huge effort and passion that covers the obvious small budget available.
He also has a lot of courage, because in a period of Italian thriller, he slowly takes another path: the psychological and morbid thriller, the drama veined with eroticism.
A courageous choice, which however creates a story that does not leave the viewer glued to the screen waiting for the plot twist, indeed, in all the central part, a bit of boredom emerges, fortunately counterbalanced by a final again convincing as the beginning. However is too late.
Story development and writing defects aside "Amore e morte nel giardino degli dei" is a pleasant movie with a few original touches. A film that is saved thanks to the style and interpretation of some (not all, to be honest) protagonists. Erika Blanc the seductive protagonist, in addition to creating a beautiful character, delights the viewers with good erotic visions, alongside the tormented character of Peter Lee Lawrence and the equally beautiful and often sexy Orchidea De Santis. Rosario Borrelli in the role of the protagonist's husband, raises some doubts, as well as an ornithologist played by Franz Von Treuberg, who would be the detective in charge if this had been a giallo, instead he limits himself to being a strange narrator or the one who holds the story. And this, accentuates boredom.
We are in a large villa with park, rented by a German ornithologist, who during one of his study walks, finds some tapes in the property. Intrigued, the man inserts them into his tape recorder, learning about the drama that has taken place in the villa. The tapes are recordings of psychoanalysis sessions in which the turbid relationship between Azzurra (Blanc) and her brother Manfredi (Lawrence) is discovered. The two grown up without biological parents developed a morbid love relationship, made of affection but also of contempt. Things take a dramatic road when the woman decides to marry Timothy (Borelli), detonating her brother's jealousy. But Azzurra is also jealous of her brother, and of his relationship with the beautiful Viola (De Santis).
In this more than morbid environment, things can only get worse and Azzurra also has a relationship with Viola.
The tapes end there, but the story continues, because one day someone left to the ornithologist a new recording, the one that brings us to an interesting ending that reserves a twist.