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L'inquilina del piano di sopra

Polanski lives in another apartment building, in another city and another country. And above all to director Baldi and screenwriter Bucceri, can't care less about what Polanski's tenant does. Recall of the title apart.
They prefer to follow the path of Italian comedy, not even the sexy one, famous at that time, but the Steno’s one with some ideas from "My fair lady". They look for elegance and sobriety and make things pretty well, blinking occasionally the eye to the eroticism but not too much.
Among other things, they try with two original protagonists, an never seen couple, with Lino Toffolo (perhaps in the first and only film as protagonist) and Silvia Dionisio, accompanied by Pippo Franco, Enzo Cannavale, Liana Trouche and Teo Teocoli, in a small role.
Shoulders of all respect, with Pippo Franco who does not exaggerate, but gives life to a hypochondriac character and with Enzo Cannavale in the role of a cunning and corrupt porter, which the actor, as ever, makes appropriate to the circumstances, like Liana Trouche, in the role of the protagonist's wife.
Unfortunately, what is not working is the main couple who does not have the two characters’ mask. Of course, if you put, the beautiful, blonde and sophisticated Silvia Dionisio as a girl really ignorant, and vulgar you can hardly get a credible result. Toffolo, on the other hand, in the role of a serious high school teacher tries to teach the girl good manners and although the Venetian actor is a professional, even a little considered, he remains too rigid, soften the aspects that a character like that should have had.
And it’s a pity, because the premises are good, the idea is not bad, some gags are funny and Dionisio, is Dionisio. As always.
The Roman blonde has very noisy relationships with her boyfriend played by Teo Teocoli, the scion of a well-known family. The noise gets angry the residents who instruct Professor Canestrari (Toffolo) to give her an ultimatum and throw out. However, Canestrari is fascinated by the girl and, on her insistence, agrees to teach her good manners and culture.
His teachings from bon ton to history, make up comic sketches, which highlight the flaws of the film and are interspersed with the incursions of Pippo Franco and Enzo Cannavale. The professor eventually falls in love, but in the end the girl remains with her boyfriend.
If there was Lilli Carati or even Nadia Cassini and perhaps Carmen Russo, instead of Silvia Dionisio and Pozzetto instead of Toffolo, would have been a great film. But with "if" history is not made, Professor Canestrari would say so too.