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The haunted house

I am sorry to displease myself as a child. And to all those, including adults, who know several lines of this film. Because it must be said, "La casa stregata" is a classic of the eighties, a comedy for everyone, which, in fact, has entered the hearts of many. Gaetano, the dog, above all.
Thirty-eight years later, once the magic of childhood astonishment is over, I have to say that seeing it again it highlights several limits, which have nothing to do with the time passed.
Must be mentioned a rather corrosive review by Piero Perona who wrote in 1982 "A bunch of obvious misunderstandings finally brings the film to the 100-minute milestone". He is echoed by another article from the same newspaper that talks about a film that follows "Bollenti Spiriti" and a direction that is not particularly inspired.
Tear apart in short, but it was a good success at the box office, reports Wikipedia, as well as being loved by a very popular audience. For example, I do not remember "Bollenti Spiriti" at the time, but very well this one.
"La casa stregata", in fact, is a very commercial product, which uses a simple formula. A comedian in vogue at the time, that is Renato Pozzetto, among other things, comes from the always esoteric "Mia moglie è una strega", an actress of appeal, Gloria Guida, and a director skilled in comedies like Corbucci, who also writes story and screenplay with Oldoini.
They forget, however, to give us a convincing story, instead giving us a story that already reveals everything in the prior events and slowly lost any interest. It's up to the couple Renato Pozzetto and Gaetano (i.e. better to say Michele Gammino who gives the dog a Neapolitan accent) to try to save it, working with the always beautiful Gloria Guida and with Lia Zappelli as shoulders.
It’s a very softly Parody of horror cinema, and we find ourselves, as the title already anticipates us in a haunted house. A place where a thousand years earlier two lovers were found in loving attitudes by her mother and turned into salt statues. Now, a thousand years after the spell, it can be broken, thanks to the fact that the two souls, reincarnated, have found each other and are in love again. Giorgio Allegri (Pozzetto) and Candida (Gloria Guida), have this task, but she must remain virgin until the first full moon. The place is always the same, now a villa, which Giorgio finds at a bargain price. Of course, there are many cravings and a spirit that takes possession of the dog Gaetano must ensure that the two do not commit impure acts.
Pozzetto tries in every way to do his best, and sometimes he succeeds, thanks to his verve and also to the aforementioned Gaetano who was also the interpreter of other films of the time and also of a grandiose joke by Pozzetto in "Grandi Magazzini". But apart from them, it's all very, too light. It remains a cult, with Yorgo Voyagis and the always beloved Gloria Guida.