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Even the wind is afraid

Fast as the wind, in twenty-four minutes we already have the story placed and all the protagonists. And so, in the central minutes we can see filling moments that lead us then to a second part in which the story returns to be interesting.
Aside from this initial haste, "Even the wind is afraid" is a pretty Mexican horror film by Carlos Enrique Taboada, an icon of the genre.
This is a film that despite the signs of age remains pleasant still today, showing a certain skill of the director in managing suspense. Taboada works very well both with the music composed by Raúl Lavista, an appreciated Mexican composer, and with light, increasing the sense of anxiety and terror. To this we must still add some noteworthy directorial solutions and light moments of relief, I don't mean comic but humorous and some sexy lashes for the years in which it was made.
An old-fashioned fashion horror that tells us the story of Claudia and her companions.
Claudia suffering from nightmares for some time, in which she hears voices and sees a strange figure of a girl, who appears hanged from the ceiling in the scene that opens the film. She is a pupil of a selective college, headed by Mrs. Bernarda, an iron principal who is not prone to feelings. The girls one day enter the college tower, a forbidden place and as punishment they are forced to stay in school during the holidays. Of  course, the strange figure Claudia continues to rage and also shows herself to the other students in the nights when a strong wind blows. It is the Andrea's spirit, talented student, who committed suicide several years before and who has now returned to get revenge on those who pushed her to the extreme gesture.
An excellent ending sinister and the grotesque closes a film that apart from preparing the way for horror moments, (taking away a little surprise) is still a pleasant vision today. Not to be missed and with a prominent cast for Mexican cinema.