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Robinson and His Tempestuous Slaves

A really crazy Jesús Franco in an international film, produced by the great Artur Brauner with whom he often worked, for example in the masterpiece "Vampyros Lesbos" and "Sie tötete in Ekstase", as well as "X312 - Flug zur Hölle", "Jungfrauen-Report "," Der Todesrächer von Soho "and others (for the record Brauner also produced “L’etrusco uccide ancora"and" “L’uccello dale piume di cristallo"and much more, including erotic films).
This is a little-known film that parodies "Robinson Crusoe" in which the Spanish director, albeit in his heyday, limits himself behind the camera to carry out the task without exalting the viewer.
With a little more ideas and inventiveness this could have been a noteworthy comic work. However even so, without strokes of genius "Robinson und seine wilden Sklavinnen" known internationally as "Robinson and His Tempestuous Slaves", has some good things. Of course, it remains a minor work of our Franco, which disappears in front of the giants of the time, but the idea is fun, the situations flow and the vision is pleasantly.
Story of dreams, revenge and wives and mother-in-law that are pain in the ass, starring Mr. Robinson Smith, played by the Israeli Yehuda Barkan. English-speaking name for a pharmacist who lives in Germany and dreams of customers' boobs and above all to run away from his wife and mother-in-law. One day he succeeds. He finds a desert island and move there. The island is not uninhabited, however, first of all there are two topless castaways Samantha (Anne Libert whom we have often seen in Franco's films) and Peper (Ingeborg Steinbach, interpreter of erotic films including "Jungfrauen-Report"), which oblige Robinson to satisfy them over and over again. Then there are the cannibals, led by a very funny Howard Vernon and of whom Robinson, thanks to a surgical operation on the appendix to Vernon himself, becomes a divinity. Also arrives there the pretty Linda, Andrea Rau, who joins the list of women to satisfy and who stays naked almost all the time and finally, his wife, his mother-in-law and an astute businessman (Paul Muller).
Grotesque situations, crazy and a lot of nudes, lead us to a happy ending where everyone lives happily on the deserted island.
As said not an essential film in the vast filmography of the Spanish director but Vernon as cannibal and the three girls are a valid reason to watch this 1972’s film.