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Papaya: Love Goddess of the Cannibals

Straight to the point. Immediately. A half-naked girl walks into a beach hut, cuts a papaya, and rubs it all over her and her partner's private parts. They have sex and she evirate him.
Unfortunately we don't see the splatter scene that would create a masterpiece. However no problem, because Joe D'Amato begins in an excellent way, what is considered the film that marks the beginning of his Caribbean period, which is followed, as we well know, by other well-known masterpieces. The story is well known: the director spent good times in the Caribbean with the film "Duri a morire" (set in Africa, however), that he stayed there for a while.
“Papaya: Love Goddess of the Cannibals” unlike the following films is not an erotic horror or a porno, but it is an erotic film, vaguely thriller, which relies on the body of the unforgettable Sirpa Lane, often naked (but there was no need to emphasize it ) and above all on the extraordinary and very exotic beauty of Melissa Chimenti.
The latter, best known as a singer and member of the Gepy & Gepy band, here as actress, touches one of the most famous points of her filmography playing the protagonist, that is, the Papaya of the title, as well as being the girl in the scene that opens the movie.
The blonde and the brunette are accompanied by Maurice Poli, a specialist in genre films, who closes a small cast for obvious budget reasons.

We are in a bizarre ecological intrigue, anti-nuclear, to be precise, in which the natural beauties of Santo Domingo emerge, skilfully shot by D'Amato who also puts a lot of local folklore into it, sometimes completely invented, for lengthen the minutes.
The story to be honest is pretty light and leaves no room for big twists. D'Amato takes it very slow, putting in addition to the aforementioned inserts, also many erotic moments of various kinds for the pleasure of the male audience who like it, making this film an unpredictable success. He then seems to want to treat things in a better way than other Caribbean movies, but relying on a cast that apart from Poli is not good.
Of course, Melissa Chimenti and Sirpa Lane make up for it with their often naked bodies involved in many soft-core scenes and in an ever-vague amorous affair.
Returning to the evirate man, we discover that his name is Tim, he works on the construction of a nuclear power plant on the island and Papaya, an ecologist, kill him. Meanwhile, Sara and Vincent (Sirpa Lane and Maurice Poli), respectively a journalist and another construction worker of the plant, meet again after years, have sex, find Tim's body in Vincent's room and finally meet Papaya. The seductive girl makes the two falls at her feet, executing Vincent with concoctions and sex and convincing Sara to join the fight.
The best moments of “Papaya of the Caribbean” are, as you can imagine, the erotic scenes, especially those between the two women. But the Caribbean ritual is also noteworthy, a big party in which a pig and even a man are torn apart and in which everyone ends up having sex.
A nice b movie, with a story that has no bite but with an ecological moral not bad at all.