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The First turn-on!!

Foolish and absurd like only the Troma movies are, "The First turn-on !!" directed by the two deus ex-machina of the New Jersey company, Micheal Herz and Lloyd Kaufman, it’s at the same time a parody and a holiday film.
The story is set in a summer camp, the "Big Tee - Pee", where a series of teenagers spend their holidays between the usual absurd activities foreseen by the program and the desire to make jokes and sex. Exactly what we all went through and wanted to do in those summer camps where we were parked.
With a manager who only thinks about money and really silly entertainer, there is also a really nerdy group of two girls, (one of whom is an entertainer) and three boys, who end up due to fart (underline this) of one of them, trapped in a cave. Here, I would like to say, that in the manner of the Decameron they tell us stories, but I don't say it because I know it's a blasphemy and then they tell us about their unlikely first time. Absurd and science fiction stories, which then turn out to be invented. The risk of dying in the cave makes them confess, but since maybe they will die, why not take the opportunity to do sex for the first time? And here's a nice orgy.
Herz and Kaufman are two geniuses of trash, we know it well, and they manage this bad film in an exemplary way. The cave excuse is a trick as banal as it is clever, to give space to a very long series of flashbacks with the guys who tell us about their imaginary adventures, in which different sexy / crazy moments stand out. A little bit of boobs, in Troma’s style.
Among these moments there are the gags of the camping director and a series of punk / rock musical moments that brighten the vision, with some lash of bad taste. Always, like the boobs, in Troma’s style.
A great b movie, perhaps one of the sexiest in Troma and at the same time one of the cleanest.
Cast with some names that have achieved notoriety such as Mitchell Whitfield, Googy Gress, Vincent D'Onofrio ("Gomer Pyle" of "Full Metal Jacket") and above all Mark Torgl, that is the Toxic Avenger before the transformation. An idol. There was also to be Madonna among the girls of the cave, but she was rejected at the second audition.