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Beach Babes from Beyond

A really great cast here: Estevez, Swayze, Stallone and Travolta. Good names. Ok, ok, are not them. But they are their relatives. That is, Joe Estevez, Don Swayze, Joey Travolta, Jackie Stallone. Respectively brother of Martin Sheen, Patrick Swayze, John Travolta and mother of Sylvester Stallone. Union of lesser known relatives who perhaps had the "pleasure" of working or who perhaps were used as a commercial lure by David DeCocteau who worked in 1980 as Corman's assistant or producer Charles Band, known for horror and sci-fi and some cult. To this cast, not important, must be added Burt Ward, that is the Robin of the Batman TV series and the scream queen of the eighties Linnea Quigley.
Relationships and ties, which in the end are also found in the DNA of this film, which would like to be the son of beach movies and soft core films.
Who knows if Annette Funnicello and Frankie Avalon have seen it, but in any case and with all due respect for the two heroes of the genre, here we find, in fact, a beach, girl in bikinis, something to save and a series of characters classics of the genre.
On the soft-core side there are a lot of boobs, some soft-core scenes (very soft and not very good) and even aliens. Indeed, female aliens. Three girls played by pornstar Roxanne Blaze, (the most famous of the three who signs here as Sarah Bellomo), Tamara Landry and Nicole Posey, who steal the spaceship of one of their father drive in the space and crash on a beach.
With a pair of vaguely spatial clothes and some small effects for the spaceship, the sci-fi aspect ends here, this has nothing to do with the story. Just an exotic opening.
The three girls join the colourful world of a small beach, where there are the usual horny / nerdy males and lots of wild parties with loud music and the usual bad guys who want to tear down a house. The three, however, save everyone and everything, thanks to the boobs and the fact that one of them wins a bikini contest.
Beach movie or attempt to do a beach-themed soft core, it doesn't matter. The result is a film that never bites and over time bored the viewer, also thanks to a very 80's atmosphere. The sexy aspect, however good, does not improve, incredibly, things and gags and situations are always not very funny or badly thought out.
It seems there is water on Mars and maybe there is even a beach. Maybe it was better to land there. A sequel in 1996 was released.