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Summer Lovers

American super spot for Santorini, with a rich production and with MGM among the distributors. Director, not one by chance but Randal Kleiser, the one of "Grease" and "The Blue Lagoon" direct Peter Gallagher, Daryl Hannah and Valérie Quennessen, young, rampant and ready, especially the first two, to become stars, while the third, Valérie, soon retires from the scenes and just as soon dies in a car accident.
However here there is no room for sadness, because Kleiser describes Santorini in a more than sunny way, emphasizing the natural beauty, the postcard houses, the international fame that brings so many tourists from all over the world, but also describing the place as a "Black Lagoon" full of people who bathe naked and make many, many, encounters.
In addition, I am almost certain that there are the caves of Matala in Crete, those made famous several years ago by a large community of hippies and which here pass to be in Santorini, showing, once again, the carefree life of the island. There are other islands too, like Mykonos and Delos
Lightness and joy present in the first minutes of the film that seem to introduce us to a classic American beach comedy. Tourists who invade the island and have fun. Instead, in a short time “Summer Lovers” becomes a sentimental film, about a ménage à trois involving the three protagonists.
Daryl Hannah is Cathy, who arrives in Santorini with Michael played by Peter Gallagher. The two are close friends, she hopes to conquer him he seems to like it. Between kisses, caresses and erotic games, everything seems to go well until Michael meets the French archaeologist Lina (Valérie Quennessen) and loses his head. Cathy doesn’t give up. SHe goes to the competitor, talks to her, and if you are thinking that she too falls in love and starts a story or that she beat her to death, you are very wrong. They become friends. Simply friends. And they split up the boy. It’s all.
Nothing particularly interesting happens in “Summer Lovers”. From the beginning of the ménage à trois we have to endure another hour of history with the three who (almost always) live happily, including fluttering dresses, naked swimming and a few fast topless.
Luckily Kleiser knows the job and with the sentimental-marine genre he is at ease and also thanks to an excellent photography, aided by the place, he creates a sunny and aesthetically pleasing film. But boring. Very boring, despite some well-known songs from the period and this underlying sense of lightness.

Beach movie or attempt to do a beach-themed soft core, it doesn't matter. The result is a film that never bites and over time bored the viewer, also thanks to a very 80's atmosphere. The sexy aspect, however good, does not improve, incredibly, things and gags and situations are always not very funny or badly thought out.
It seems there is water on Mars and maybe there is even a beach. Maybe it was better to land there. A sequel in 1996 was released.