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School Days

Like all those of my generation, like all those of the previous generation, who grew up with these films, I have hoped for years to have a teacher like that. As always, when I watch films of this sub-genre, my thoughts turn to disillusioned hopes.
I don't want to digress, but talk about this 1976 film by Mariano Laurenti, in which the soundtrack by Alessandro Alessandroni and the beauty of Lilli Carati make us forget in part the repetition of the plot of the genre. It should also be said that Gianfranco D'Angelo is not a gym teacher but a pharmacist and that Mario Carotenuto is not a principal but a priest. For the rest, Vitali is the head of the moron students all jokes and gags, flanked by Marco Gelardini, here at the debut of a career full of school satisfaction. They drool over the teacher, the substitute who replaces the old one who ended up in hospital for the usual accident. The rest are the classic spied through the keyhole with Lilli Carati giving the audience long baths (for some reason, there is no running water), striptease, very light clothes and full naked body.
The story is always the same, the beautiful teacher and the student who in the end conquer her over among a thousand lovers, including Michele Gammino in the role of a doctor. Trash and basically useless moments, like the mixed-team football match and the aforementioned gags that don't work.
It is not all to be thrown away anyway and some moments are well thought out. See D’Angelo's erotic dream with Ria De Simone (who is beautiful too), the cleverness of the two protagonists who build a periscope to spy the teacher and above all a slightly different ending than usual.
Ischia, where it is set and shot, could have been more exploited to elevate the film, at least from an aesthetic point of view, but the island remains in the background and often behind the billboards of two famous brands that have obviously put money. As always.