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Horror of the blood monsters

How can you talk with an alien Tagoni? In a very easy way. You need to put a gadget in the skull, cutting behind the ear and thus changing her brain waves. Operation to be done safely outdoors and in a few seconds, huh.
Al Adamson is one of the reasons for the existence of this blog and the brilliant American director gives great satisfaction every time. Here, however, we touch great moments, both from the point of view of history and that of production.
“Horror of the Blood Monsters” opens with urban vampires seeking victims. Are we in horror? No, or rather, also, because then we move on to sci-fi, with a spaceship scattered in the cosmos, in search of this people of vampires who have invaded the Earth. From a place that should be NASA, but looks more like the abandoned closet of the well-known space agency, they are following and guiding the spaceship.
Are we in sci-fi, then? We say yes, but the astronauts emergency land on a strange planet, where there is oxygen and gravity and where there are prehistoric creatures (harmless reptiles shot very close to give effect gigantism) and tribes with a prehistoric appearance among which the very bad Tubaton. Among other things, since the planet is full of nuclear radiation, as someone from the base says while is having sex on break from work, the film often changes colour, going from purple to yellow etc. etc.
We can say that these things already identify Al Adamson's work as one of the best and most weird B Movies of his filmography. An almost total pleasure, with this mix of genres and colours and with laboratory objects that are nothing more than lights and a spaceship with office chairs and, as already mentioned, the inclusion of prehistoric situations. Do you like monsters like "Black Lagoon"? There are. There are. A series of human lobsters and batmen, in addition to the aforementioned reptiles.
To raise the level even more, or to lower it if you prefer, there is a non-linear narrative, which jumps from one side to the other, telling us the adventures of astronauts on the planet Tubaton where they listen to the flashback stories of Tagoni who tells of wars between tribes, with the insertions from Earth of the scientists, without forgetting the Professor who guides his people on the planet from the spaceship.
Tagoni chased by the evil Tubaton, is saved by astronauts and helped to return with her tribe that manages a lake with fire water (that is, the oil needed by our people to come back home). So the astronauts get into tribal strife and suffer the planet's radiation, which kills a couple of them. Tagoni naturally falls in love with one of them.
If we didn't read Adamson's name in the opening credits, might think this movie is by Ed Wood. A bit like good Ed, Adamson also uses the trick of grabbing things here and there and putting them together. A Filipino film from 1965 called "Tagani", which the director liked very much, is the basis of "Horror of the blood monsters" which uses various clips, recoloring them. But it is not the only "loan", because the fights between prehistoric animals come from "One Million B.C." and more from “The wizard of mars”.
The cast led by Adamson stands out for John Carradine, Robert Dix and Jennifer Bishop but even with the presence of these names, of "Horrors of the blood monsters" you will only read bad reviews. I, I want to say some different: it is so weird and badly done, that it is, in fact, one of the best B's I've ever seen.