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Cobra Kai - Second season

Just a small change to avoid that the shot is identical to the previous one and knocks the viewer more for of boredom than out of strength. In short, "Cobra Kai" slightly moves the point of view of a story, which, in fact, was at high risk of being repetitive. Because let's face it, besides the rivalry of the two karate forerunner, what else is there to say? Little, very little, children and disciples aside, who in any case are not this great news,
So, even if Lawrence and LaRusso are always them, there is a greater balance in the narrative with the problems and the desire for revenge of the two who travel in parallel, at a safe distance, but who occasionally touch each other and a couple of occasions ( the most interesting and sometimes comical) overlap. There is also a further smoothing of the negative aspects of the two, who continue to hate each other with respect, trying to take their Dojo as high as possible. On the one hand the always unleashed Cobra Kai, with Lawrence who wants to win but respecting the opponent and on the other Miyagi Dojo, more philosophical in his Zen garden and in the house that belonged to the well-known master, complete with a vintage car that also saw in the movie.
If the two have lost some negative aspects, one would think that there is no longer a villain. But no. With a stratagem worthy of a B movie or a soap opera, here comes Kreese, the bad Sensei of the film, and founder of the Cobra Kai, who slowly steals the students from Johnny imposing his violent vision.
All this exacerbates the tension between the students. A rivalry unleashed exclusively by adults, ready to ruin the world, which leads children to hate former friends and to commit acts of vandalism. Not only that, there are also amorous rivalries, with Samantha (Danny's daughter) who falls in love with Johnny's son who now lives in their house, unleashing the jealousy of the former boyfriend, that is Miguel, the best athlete of Cobra Kai and of the new violent girlfriend of the latter.
Honorable mention for the second son of the LaRusso, who appears in only one scene saying that he was at the campsite, probably in the company of Chuck Cunningham with whom he shares the exit and the uselessness of the character.
Returning to the main story, everything sublimates into a delicious 80's tacky scene, a masquerade party that recalls in all respects the atmosphere of “La Boum”. A party in a private house with the two groups in comparison is also not bad.
If affairs of the heart reach a peak in these two moments, the violent side reaches its top in a huge brawl on the first day of school. Scenes that are reminiscent of both teen movies and Bruce Lee's films and that end in a truly, truly trashy way.
"Cobra Kai", number two, manages to entertain the viewer, using the usual eighties TV ways, with many references to the film (there is also a gathering of former Cobra Kai students, which only serves to make something happen important) and more irony.
The third series, which will be released in 2021, seems to welcome another great return: that of Alli (Elizabeth Sue), Danny's beloved and Johnny's former girlfriend. Strong stuff for the two on which there is the shadow of the very bad Kreese.