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The Babysitter: Killer Queen

Cole is back, the nerdy kid now attend high school. He is always a nerd and above all bullied and taken for crazy following that crazy story of Satanism and babysitting two years earlier. Cole is back and he's still him. A good part of the protagonists of the first episode also return, some from the underworld, some from the secondary narrative lines. However, that totally stupid and superfluous sense that saved the first episode, placing it among the horror comedies for young people, without exaggerating with the parody and giving us a little blood, does not return. Not a masterpiece, as I wrote, but a film that could be watched.
This sequel instead, also directed by McG, looks more like an "American Pie" that talks, only talks about horror. Asshole adults, horny kids, farts, banal jokes, parodies and quotes, especially of "Terminator", perhaps put up as a catharsis for the horrible "Terminator Salvation". Given the topic and the development, everything could have been saved with the boobs, proudly positioning in the trash genre but alas, things don't go that way.
We are therefore in a rambling film, in which an infinite series of "twists", trying to amaze the audience, while the protagonists say lines one after the other.
It seems that if this movie is successful, there will be a third and final chapter, as the cliffhanger after the credits. If it ever happens, let's hope it shows some maturity and I don't mean our Cole, but the director.
Long time friend, Melanie already featured in the first film and played by the very renowned Emily Alyn Lind (read her profile on IMDB to believe) invites the troubled Cole to a party by the lake. One of those where American student drinks, swims, fuck (suppose) etc etc. Cole is again in the midst of those of the satanic sect who want his virgin blood. If he still is. So he fights against the bad guys in the company of a new friend, the usual sinister-looking partner who is good in the end. Samara Weaving also returns in the manner of Schwarzenegger in the second Terminator. “Killer Queen”, by Queen closes a film, which at least from the point of view of the soundtrack passes the test, given the presence of songs by Dead Kennedys, Jefferson Airplane, Sugarhill Gang. Otherwise is really poor.