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Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High Aka Vol 2

Joe Fleishaker, that is, Lardass as well as the protagonist of the funny joke that Troma has been playing on us for years and Lemmy Kilmister, who are no longer with us, would appreciate the intro of this film dedicated to them. Naked girls in a locker room throwing objects at each other, while one of them in the shower, remembering the scene from "Carrie", thinks she has had her period, but in reality it is something that comes from the nuclear power plant built near the school. As we all know. Explosions, blood, farts follow. In perfect Troma's style.
A great start is a new adventure for the pupils of the contaminated school, who find they once again fighting against Lee Harvey Herzkauf's Tromorganic (played by a wild Lloyd Kaufamn), a company that produces contaminated food that is served in the canteen.
The heroines of the story are always the girlfriends Chrissy (Asta Paredes) and Lauren (Catherine Corcoran), with the latter involuntarily impregnated by Kevin, her pet duck, which gives birth to a son ... duck. Apart from this, the two must also fight against bigoted society and against the well-known "Cretins" who never fail.
This is roughly the plot but it is a secondary part of the film. The central point is the amount of idiocy that Kaufman gives us without the slightest restraint, showing a certain rather inspired artistic streak. Naked girls, naked men showing genital piercings and the usual amount of guts, guts, blood, farts and shit. Result: a great film from the New Jersey production company, in which there is no lack of references to the Troma symbols that is Toxic Avenger and Kabukiman and the cameos of well-known characters from Stan Lee to Ron Jeremy, without forgetting some clips with Lemmy. Beyond that, a vast series of nonsense moments, flashbacks and a critique (in Troma style of course) of the company. Top moment and above all truly disturbing is the nude ballet of Mr. Kaufman made up as a woman. Really, really, disgusting.
A close relative of the previous film since most of the scenes were shot simultaneously. Troma then relied on Kickstarter to conclude this chapter, achieving the goal. A work that seems to stage the whole imaginatively sick world of Kaufman, which gives us what we expect from Troma.