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Queen of black magic

The beautiful world of cheap Asian cinema, with handcrafted special effects and a plot that takes from local folklore and doesn't get lost in unnecessary matters. This one remind the Shaw Brothers and specifically, given the theme, "Black Magic" and "Black Magic 2". Although many (including imdb) catalogue this film as a sequel to the two I just mentioned, there are no Run Run and Run Me Shaw, we are not in Hong Kong, but in Indonesia, another nation that has never joked about horror movies.
Directed by Lilik Sudjio, Indonesian genre director, who here directs a cast known in his country with a certain Suzzanna as the protagonist.
Well, the title takes away a lot of surprises and the fact that this Suzzanna is the protagonist immediately identifies her as the queen of the title. The actress, in fact, plays Murni, a girl from a remote village who has an affair with a criminal who does not want to marry her, on the contrary, he marries another girl and accuses Murni of being a witch, because his wife has strange visions. So they burn Murni's mother's house and throw the girl off a cliff. Murni does not die, but falls precisely into the arms of an old sorcerer who teaches her the magical arts. She returns to the village and unleashes her atrocious revenge. And I write atrocious but because it really is. Bees that attack mercilessly, people who catch fire, bodies that explode, water that turns into quicksand and the beloved whose head explodes and turns into zombies.
Weird in quite every scenes, absurd moments, for a film that had a sort of makeover, also Indonesian, in 2019. Not to be missed.