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Porno Esotic Love

Eva, that is Laura Gemser, dreams of her beloved Iris (Annj Goren) having sex, explicit of course, on the beach with two black guys. Opening with a threesome is something for many but not for everyone. However this is Joe D'Amato, who gives to us a, to say the least brilliant, recycling operation of "Eva Nera", showing enviable editing skills and the already proverbial imagination. Here, in fact, ours takes large clips of his 1976 film, with Laura Gemser and Gabriele Tinti and mixes them with hard scenes in which the protagonists are the very well-known Annj Goren and Mark Shannon...

For many, “Porno Esotic Love” is a hard version of “Eva Nera” even if to tell the truth the story takes different paths. We are in the world of heroin trafficking and use which is a surprisingly and unexpected theme theme for a 1980 porn movie.

The strength of this film is all here. For the rest it is porn that tries to follow the success of the trend, without great compliments. When someone is not penetrated or does not penetrate, we have some into soft-core with Laura Gemser and Dirce Funari, who must be recognized, are a beautiful battery of women. The rest is entrusted to the performances of Goren and Shannon, who have fun very often.

A flash back story that tells the story of Eva (Laura Gemser) who after dreaming of her beloved Iris (Annj Goren) in the scene I described at the beginning, finds her dead in bed with a syringe in her hand. Eva leaves for Hong Kong in search of truth and revenge. She finds Consul Frank (Mark Shannon) and Steve (Gabriele Tinti) standing in his way. Meanwhile, he performs in a night club with a snake, a commercial tool but also of revenge.

Another stroke of genius of a great artisan of cinema.