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Il Tuo Vizio è una stanza chiusa e solo io ne ho la chiave

Not out of malice but for utility, We rooted for the old lady to the end. We wanted at all costs that she was the guilty. If she was this film would be considered as a "masterpiece".
Instead it didn't happen and we must say that this film suggests fairly quickly and easily who is the murderess.

This is the biggest problem of this thriller of the versatile Sergio Martino. The title is due to a card present in "Lo Strano Vizio Della Signora Ward" a movie of the year before of this, in some way superior and more exciting than this.
Martino confirms, however,cunning and intelligence by proposing a scheme that works and that mainly attracts the public. A Thriller with brutal murders,some social criticisms and of course some 'of eroticism that stimulates male audiences.
For several characteristics "Il Tuo Vizio ..." is a "style exercise" based on the novel by Allan Poe "The Black Cat". An interesting and good modern revival that unluckly ruins to us the surprise.

This movie had a decadent ambient of italian province and attractive good characters too. These are the strengths of this history, live in Veneto, which has as its protagonist in Oliver and Irina Rouvigny. Husband and wife. Oliviero is writer and scholar now in crisis. He loves to host a congregation of hippie in his big house, giving "hot" parties.
He is also a maniac and addicted to alcohol and his only love is a black cat owned by a deceased parent. He doesn't hide his vices in front of his wife Irina, a woman subdueb, hysteric, but evidently tolerant, and in permanent war against the black cat.
This sick menage is disturbed by a series of violent murders. A former student of man, the waitress and a prostitute.
In this situation the the arrival of Floriana, the beautiful young niece, turns even more the fire of Eros and the anger of the murderer that will collapse just like the murderer in the history of Allan Poe.

We have a little 'blood splashing, a good and fast direction as the best Dario Argento. Many memorable scene as the horror one in which Irina opens a package from which exit many eyes that turn out to be the lunch of the cat.We don't forget the lesbian scene, very very soft, between Irina and Floriana.

The cast is excellent and very good. . Luigi Pistilli is already excellent as in "Milan Calibro 9" and he manages very good the depth to the foibles and perversions of Oliviero.
Anita Strindberg also seen in "Milano Odia: La Polizia non può sparara" of Lenzi is good in thickness hysteria and submission of Irina.
Finally, the graceful Edwige Fenech as Floriana, who fails, to tell the truth, a little 'his role as "femme fatale". She is a little overwhelmed' by Irina and the script puts her at things already started. In any case, the Fenech is always the Fenech.
We have also Ivan Rassimov, another familiar face of the seventies, here to deal with a rather mysterious character, and also quite useless.
Defects and criticisms of the "Il Tuo Vizio ..." is another important chapter to the thriller genre, and especially for the vast filmography of Sergio Martino.