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Doppio Misto

Good pairs to win a mixed doubles in an ATP tournament. Like: Tinì Cansino and Moana Pozzi (I don't think we need to add more), Gigi and Andrea and, finally, Gianni Ciardo to seal everything.
The beginning is also convincing. After a few minutes we see a tit of Moana Pozzi to which Tinì Cansino replies in the shower. Game in three minutes. After this interesting start, the film freezes in an exaggerated way, bringing this "Doppio Misto" to an unthinkable defeat, given the cast.
First of all, the two beautiful and busty actresses show a little of their bodies especially Moana, but nothing exaggerated (no full nudes, I'm sorry) giving the viewer only sexy suits or low-cut dresses and are a simple commercial claim. Gigi and Andrea, on the other hand, at the top of their fame, play with their dynamics as a couple, also acting as an attraction. The always awkward Gianni Ciardo, married to “Cicci” that is Tinì Cansino, is the one who, after all, play better than others.
Sergio Martino, as director, begins in this 1985 (in which he works with Gigi and Andrea also in "Mezzo destro, mezzo sinistro"), a notable waning phase, which is highlighted here with a television product and therefore probably sweetened by any hot scenes, in which there is the hands of "ReteItalia", that is, the current "Mediaset".
With an omnipresent and annoying eighties fictional music, composed by the good Augusto Martelli, the film tells of two married couples, Andrea / Moana and Ciardo / Cansino who aim to betray their partner with the other couple's counterpart. The four have known each other since their school days, with Tinì Cansino known at the time as “The planed of Piraeus” (funny nickname) but now radically changed and a wild Moana.
The set of their betrayals is a vacant accommodation that the astute Gigi, a real estate agent, tries to place in black by helping his cousin Andrea to meet Tinì. The result is a series of gags and slammed doors, of casual encounters and attempts that go miserably in vain. The only one, who combines something, with both protagonists, is the good Gigi.
Situations too tight, long, very long that leads to nothing. The gags of the Bolognese couple are of little value, just as the one of Ciardo and the sexy visions of the two actresses are worth little.
A wasted opportunity.