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“Il Camionista” was a cult erotic comic born in the late seventies. Mario Vergone (quite literally Mario “big dick”), the truck driver, was the hero and I think it is useless to talk about his imaginable adventures. "Teresa" instead is a truck driver. Portrayed by Serena Grandi. Now, it is useless to say how much these two things that are Serena Grandi and her character's profession, have light the naughtiest fantasies, also because we are in 1987, the golden years of the beautiful Bolognese.
Unfortunately, apart from a few sexy moments she remains dressed but however she lights the fantasies of the characters around her.
Serena Grandi's boobs, it must be said, are not the only serious lack of this film (I'm kidding of course, the boobs are not a central point ...) but also lacks a credible and pleasant plot. Perhaps the worst thing is that Dino Risi is the director. Risi, which certainly needs no introduction, is in a waning phase and above all in the commercial circle of what is now “Mediaset”. The previous year he directed "Il commissario Lo Gatto" which, thanks to Banfi, Micheli and the beauties of Favignana, reaches the sufficiency and then, after a couple of TV products, breathes good cinema with "Tolgo il disturbo" not produced by "Mediaset".
Am I saying that "Mediaset" has also ruined the great heroes of Italian cinema? Well, maybe that's the case, but from Berlusconi's point of view, having names of appeal and a commercial product was the right choice. And so, perhaps this is why in “Teresa”, a sort of gritty comedy, Serena Grandi limits herself to provoking and it is, perhaps for this reason, that the movie has a so easy plot. So televised. And so badly though.
Certainly having Luca Barbareschi in the role of co-star, that is, that of another truck driver does not help. Barbareschi truck driver! More a life advice than a role for him.
To put a piece of it, in addition to a wild Eros Pagni, there is a sort of pleasant Emilian genuineness that shines through everywhere, but, incredibly Serena Grandi, born in Bologna, is dubbed. In any case, Emilia is not enough to save the film.
Teresa a widow takes control of her husband's company, a transport company. The business, however, is in debt of 80 million lire. Determined to get up on her own, the woman refuses to marry Nabucco (Eros Pagni) who could cancel the debt. So she drives the truck, hiring the turbulent Gino (Luca Barbareschi) as a co-driver and with whom she has a stormy relationship. Meanwhile, several other suitors propose themselves to the beautiful Teresa, a gangster, who dies immediately and an old German baron a bit stoned accompanied by an equally strange family. Fairy-tale ending. So to speak.
Music by Dalla, Morandi, Berti and Casadei, but not even this raises the fate of a horrible film. Believe me, Mario Vergone is definitely better thought and more fun.