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Fire Maidens from outer space

Young women in short dresses, the only inhabitants with a middle-aged man, of a lost planet. Women scared and in need of help to kill a very bad monster. An unmissable mission for the earth male, always ready to get his hands on some beautiful aliens.
A synopsis certainly tasty, which in other times and in the hands of others would certainly have given something more interesting (and indeed there are certainly examples). Maybe it will be that we are in 1956, or more simply that the director and author Cy Roth, was absolutely unable to write or direct a similar story, we are in a film whose only peak moment is a quiet plane ride in the first minutes of film. For the rest, boredom. One of those things you can't wait for the end. There isn't even that healthy 1950s sci-fi trash, just the feeling that hours of life are being wasted.
"Fire Maidens of outer space" ends quickly and just as quickly you forget the long and (boring) dialogues, the fake scenographies and that vague monster that besieges the beautiful inhabitants of the thirteenth moon of Jupiter, where among other things there is also a colony of Atlantis. Ours and the middle-aged man are asking the astronauts for help for kill the monster.
Aye! Aye! Mission accomplished (with some female victims) and our people can go home. Don't cry beautiful alien, your earthling will bring other males. You also breathe oxygen.
Criticized since its release, this film has several well-known names at the time, such as Anthony Dexter, Paul Carpenter and the beautiful Susan Shaw whose life, following a serious death, ended in a serious addiction to alcohol.