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La Polizia Accusa: Il Servizio Segreto Uccide

Music and Newspaper headlines superimposed. And then Brutal and mysterious murders, in the background, of senior members of the army.
No doubt, the first few minutes of "La Polizia Accusa: Il Servizio Segreto Uccide" seem to be part of a film by Elio Petri or Francesco Rosi.

But minutes after minutes the movie loses the initial strength and beauty (in the beginning we recommend to don't miss a scene with a splash of blood splatter on the camera) finishing getting involved in a too bizarre plot.

In any case, Sergio Martino deserves the applause and praise for this 1975's movie, in which unlike in the other "poliziotteschi", the enemy isn't the standard one required by the genre.

There isn't a drug dealer,there isn't a pimp or a robber. Here the enemy is a corrupt and rotten part of the state. We must undeline the year of release of the film and the comparison with natural history and with italians chronicle and after this we can say that is a strictly original.
Unluckly Maritino doens't try more and the result is a movie not not completely free.

Luc Merenda is the honest inspector Solmi who having to investigate a murder of a private investigator. The case apparently is quite trivial, but as the investigations are advancing Solmi realizes that someone wants to hide the truth.

And so it is. Witnesses killed, generals and officers disappearing, all hatched from the chief of the secret service Mario Sperli embroiled in a military group, accidentally discovered by the dectective above.
Solmi certainly doesn't stop, unmasks the culprit ... but also at lower levels there is someone who does not want this story to emerge.

Luc Merenda has the physique and the expression good for the role, but often uses bad jokes like a hero of American movies, removing the grey and the hard situation from the story.His team is composed by Luigi Caprara and De Luca, played by Michael Gammino and Gianfranco Barra two well-known actors in the seventies and eighties. Important the role of Mel Ferrer, a very famous actor who here plays the impassive Judge Mannino.

In a film like this certainly can't miss Tomas Millian. Mario Sperli played by him is the best character in the film, excellent and well-characterized and skillful in his double game.
Although everything could be better, "the police ..." is a film that should be seen, just for trying to break away from the kind of reference.