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A.I. Rising
I know that if I briefly told at the bar, the plot of this film would open up a world of jokes and male considerations. In short, you are on a spaceship with a female robot that you can command at will, what do you do?
What most men would do (let's not be hypocrites) is the same thing that the protagonist does in the beginning, but above all it is the same thing that this 2018 Serbian film, debut by director Lazar Bodroza, destroys in the development of the story.
Like many other predecessors, it investigate the human / advanced artificial intelligence relationship, its developments, potential and inevitable problems. However unlike many "A.I. Rising ”talks about sexuality, hiding behind science fiction to make a profound reflection on human relationships, between men and women and their development.
A story told between essential dialogues, pauses, in a work that is undoubtedly slow and not easy to watch, appreciable for the original way in which it approaches the theme and on a technical level for cinematography, for the astute set and the equally brilliant CGI.
We are in 2148 and capitalism has exploited every possible resource on the planet. In a reborn Soviet Union, attempts are made to re-establish socialism by probing other planets. Alpha Centauri is the final destination of one of these missions led by cosmonaut Milutin, an expert, rebellious and above all complexed man.
The Ederlezi company that finances the mission supports him with a female droid, built on his tastes, discovered during the job interview. Nimani is his name (interpreted by the American Stoya, with a past in the world of hard) has several programs ranging from scientific to more carnal ones. Milutin although rather opposed must accept the presence of the droid and, soon, take advantage of her body. This morbid relationship gradually turns into a relationship of love, with the man so fascinated that frees the robot from her rigid programmed patterns by uninstalling the software and letting her evolve thanks to her experiences.
An almost total overturning of the perspective, in an interesting development that leads to a final, so to speak, cathartic.
As can be seen, the mission is simply an excuse for Bodroza to have a man and a woman forced to live in the same environment and be able to develop the main objective of his work.
A small Serbian sci-fi, perhaps not very well known, certainly not adrenaline-pumping, but offering an interesting point of view on a classic theme.