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Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
An inspired Fred Olen Ray in the wake of his masters, grappling with a b movie that has all the features in the right place. A story, which, all in all, makes sense. Without forgetting a couple of pearls.
It is useless to write what the title "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers" is inspired by, but it should be noted that the director feels compelled to immediately clarify that chainsaws are real and used by professionals. Don’t try this at home!
A demented beginning that represents the line of the whole film that parodies film noir, horror and plays with splatter, with large doses of boobs and jokes as a side dish. A film shot in just five days, using sets from other films and the director's house in one scene.
Nothing is missing in the adventures of detective Jack Chandler, (John Henry Richardson), a stereotypical penniless and semi-alcoholic character, hired to find a certain Samantha, who ran away from home and played by scream queen Linnea Quigley.
During his investigations he comes across a strange sect that idolizes an Egyptian god who needs human sacrifices. To find the meat to please the deity, a mysterious man hires some girls who lure customers in bars and night clubs. Once home, once they are undressed, they tear them to pieces with a chainsaw. Flying pieces, gushing blood, not so much as in the best splatters, but just enough to make people laugh and make the idea.
Chandler, also struggling with a useless police, tries to put an end to this sect. He succeeds, even if a sequel is announced in the credits that we will never see.
A well-studied B movie whose story follows its own meaning, some gags are not bad, as are the actresses.
In addition to Linnea Quigley, Richardson and other well-known names in genre cinema, there is also the good Gunnar "Leatherface" Hansen, who plays "the stranger", at the head of the sect. His presence is a pearl that frames this pleasant b movie.