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Devil's kiss
They organize a fashion show in a castle, with models that change clothes for the pleasure of the male audience and combine it with a séance for the guests. This is a simply fabulous idea, which an influencer or PR could reuse.
Can you imagine an evening like this, in London, Paris, New York or Milan? Simply unmissable.
And if the medium named Claire Grandier, the former Countess of Moncorn, now reduced to poverty, manages to call a presence that scares a model and makes the guests flee, well, it can be said that the event is perfectly successful.
However, we are far from any social or trendy goal and this is only the very tight opening of a Franco / Spanish / Andorran horror film that is part of the skimpy filmography of a certain Jordi Gigó.
A director who, in all probability, was a huge fan of Jess Franco, Mario Bava and Hammer.
It must be said that he takes a lot of effort in trying to follow his reference points, but he remains quite far from their level. It must also be said that he puts all the necessary elements: a large amount of boobs, some full nudes bodies and some soft-core scenes (rather useless to the story), with magical rituals, Satanism and some vaguely horror moments. However, he crashes into an excessive slowness and above all with the choice of making us understand already after twenty minutes where the story goes. Combining all this with a decidedly low budget, we find ourselves with a pure gothic b movie, whose original title “La perversa caricia de Satán” is much tastier than the international one.
Not a good film, even boring at times, but it has a certain magnetism of ugliness, which leaves the viewer, a certain type of viewer, waiting for some “brilliant” ideas.
Returning to the Countess who, as mentioned, only calls herself Claire Grandier is invited to this evening, where she immediately declares her hatred for the owner, the Duke of Haussemont played by the great José Nieto. A man who, according to her, did not help her husband, who committed suicide and took advantage of the tragedy to grab the family's property.
Now, Haussemont, who is also a bit asshole, asks her and her companion Gruber, a scientist who also has telepathic powers, to stay in the castle to investigate the dark forces they have evoked.
Well, what do you want a pissed off medium do? Obviously, to call upon the forces of darkness to take revenge on her husband. To tell the truth, more than devils and ghosts, she revives with Prof. Gruber a corpse that curiously seems to have an "AB Norms" brain exactly like his colleague in Frankenstein Jr (there is also a blonde waitress). Only he is small in size.
At some point the monster gets out of control.
A b movie that sometimes makes you smile and sometimes bores, but has a well-known cast in genre cinema. In addition to Mathot and Nieto, we also find Daniel Martin, face of several westerns, Maria Silva, Carlos Otero and José Lifante.