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To you who keep sending tom me work emails during the holidays, I wish you to stay in the office, when everyone else has already gone home and locked all the doors.
I'm going to stay at home, watching this 2007 thriller/slasher about a girl who, on Christmas Eve, stays too long in the office and ends up in the hands of a psychopath. It's almost what you deserve, you and your emails on holidays!

Okay, maybe I could spend my time with a better film, maybe more original, because the graves are full of psychopaths who imprison people. However, with all its flaws and this lack of an original subject, this film, which marks Franck Khalfoun's debut, achieves enough.
The credit goes to a story that offers some tasty splatter scenes and two characters (basically the only ones on the scene) who differ slightly from their colleagues in other films of the genre.
Angela the girl who works too much and who ends up in the hands of psychopath (Thomas), tries with brilliant intelligence to get out of trouble, without ending up in the classic clichés of the genre. He, the psycho, is a guy who works in the underground parking lot of this building. A lonely boy, who wants company. Yes he is crazy, but he has a clarity, which makes him more desperate than anything else. Everything is wrapped in a classic and well-studied claustrophobia, which increases the sense of annoyance.
"P2", however, suffers from a certain repetition as the minutes go by. A story that stretches too far and does nothing but continue with the game between "the cat and the mouse", luckily the ending resumes the initial panache, again giving us a lot of blood and some interesting ideas.
Franck Khalfoun as director does his job without exalting, but is functional to the story and capable of showing the most excited moments. Of course, he also puts a bit of cunning in the service of the male audience, since Angela, played by the prosperous Rachel Nichols, remains throughout the film in a slip, with a wide décolleté. From there, however, nothing comes out and in the end it is a bit like the whole film: interesting but I would have liked to see more.