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Silent Night Deadly Night - Part 2
The first forty minutes are a "best of" of "Silent Night Deadly Night", with the life of Billy, told in flashback by his brother Richard. Murder, madness, blood and boobs. Really boring if you've seen the first movie (and why you shouldn't have seen it?).
Fortunately, the second part, just over forty minutes, is an encyclopedia of trash, which certainly satisfies all of us lovers of the bad, absurd and stupid movies. A murder with an umbrella that pierces the victim, then opens, clamps that electrify a boy, the antenna of a car that chokes a girl and, of course, the scene of "Garbage's Day", which brilliantly describes the film, which has become in the early 2000s a hit on the internet.
When our psychopath sees red, he goes crazy throwing himself into a series of ridiculous situations, so much so that at a certain point it seems to me that the actor is smiling as well. But maybe that's my impression.
Without spoiling anything it is clear from the end of the previous film, that this time the killer is Richard. Complex as his brother, he grew up in the same orphanage with the asshole Mother Superior, and we find him as adult in some detention facility while he tells (besides his brother) his life to a psychiatrist.
Richard, adopted by a family that loves him, finds himself by chance in the face of his childhood traumas and when his stepfather dies, he goes crazy. He punishes the bad guys naturally and falls in love and gets engaged, ending the relationship and jealousies in "his" way. The escalation of violence (read trash) brings him to the home of the now decrepit and always evil Mother Superior, who, although retired, continues to dress as a nun and lives in a house at number 666.
The police understand Richard's intentions, but arrive with a considerable delay, just to close the film exactly as in the first chapter.
Not to justify this very bad and trashy film, which also mentions the famous ax scene from "The Shining" but the basic idea was to create only a re-release of the first film, with the addition of new scenes. Then the producers realized that with a little more effort they could generate a new (and hilarious) chapter. So here is a work divided into two clear parts, shot in just ten days, directed by Lee Harry, with a cast of genre actors in which the Hungarian Elizabeth Kaitan stand out.
We can't thank enough those naughty producers for this rambling b movie.