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Cobra Kai - 3
Those who expected a restart without wasting time with the cliff hangers of the last episode of the second series, I will not say that they will be disappointed, but certainly surprised that "Cobra Kai" number three, it takes a long time before develop them. And that is, the return of Alli, Elisabeth Shue, always very beautiful, so much so that the site "Tmz" felt it "duty" years ago to ask itself if it was due to good genes or a good doctor. Aside from the blonde loved by the two protagonists, Johnny and Daniel were also expected to join forces against villain Kress. I'm not spoiling, because the second season ended exactly with these two cliff hangers, who, as mentioned, take a long, long time before being considered.
There are still no complaints, quite the contrary. The wait goes through episodes that further develop the characters, investigating their past and, once again, showing that no one is really bad or really good. Just to say, in a seemingly useless subplot, we see Danny in Japan for business, where in addition to paying homage to the protagonists of the second movie, he discovers some unknown and perhaps not very clear aspect of his master Miyagi. To name another example, Kreese, identifiable as the one and true villain, is actually a victim of the system, as we see in his past in some flashbacks, one of which celebrates "Back to the Future" and others, very trashy, set in Vietnam. Trash, yes, because another one of the pivotal things about "Cobra Kai" is a rather large series of little credible developments in the story, between clumsy fights and comic lashes.
Johnny and Dany are always them. With their problems and their attempts to solve various messes, which they have more or less unconsciously created. The blond tries to help his favourite pupil Miguel get back in shape, often failing in a clownish way. He also tries to keep up with the times, between social networks and smartphones, but even there, he often makes us laugh. The more serious Danny, on the other hand, tries with his ways to carry on his life, his business, his children and his students. However he too, faces a long series of failures.
Of course there is no lack of young students, at the centre of the actions and perhaps, as always, victims of adults. Between one quarrel and another, they give life to teen comedy situations, including engagements, betrayals and back in love.
"Cobra Kai" in the end, passes the test once again, with all its amused and funny stupidity, also giving to the well-known franchise a pretty good development and upsetting that net aspect of "good and evil" that was present at the time . Fuck the eighties, in short, generating a huge hype, including nostalgics, people who perhaps believed too much in the demagogy of the eighties message and people who are discovering the series.
 Not bad for a series born quietly and become an international case and that leaves us waiting for the fourth and probably last season in which a showdown is expected. Between who and who, we will find out.