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Attenti...Arrivano Le Collegiali

It's easy to shoot at bad film. Easy to speak bad cof a sexy Italian comedy ... we can also say erotic one.. But now we want to sing out from the pack. We want to look for the movie in question some positive aspects. Someone, deep down there is.
And the first that stands out is that "Attenti...arrivano le Collegiali " is a sincere film that is not afraid to hide his intentions, which does not hide behind the hypocrisy.

Translated: the film is from the beginning a broad sampling of trasch scenes and situations . A B movie that is not slow to manifest itself with double meanings, so big that I would call "double" is an exaggeration

The narrator tells us"... They say that has not even given an action of its capital, that everything is okay, even the emergency exit. Uh ... I'm sure that if the magistrates were to storm would make spot checks that at least the blacks funds have already been sold"
Another positive aspect is that the films of George Miller (Giorgio Mille), director of only three other films of a certain thickness ... gave space to two interpreters often put in the sidelined in the glorious genre of sexy-comedy. We can say sexy erotic too.
They are the great Toni Ucci and the beautiful Orchidea De Santis. The first is an actor of a certain caliber who has participated in films of a certain thickness, with Toto in addition to such other works in theater.

Orchidea is best-known as shoulder of another beautiful actress in many movies, before turning fully in other activities that led her to become a theater actress, and producer of radio broadcasts for Radio RAI.

The two here became the leaders and try to raised the level of the movie, departing from everything else. Infact often their scenes are separated from the others. So they try to save all. Ok ... the mission isn't good...

The film in itself has a beginning who try to create a minimum of plot. A Velvet who disappear soon. After we have a large numbers of situations glued together with the sole purpose of stripping the girl on duty or to create a soft-core scene.

The top is reached when it suddenly invents a character who performs a striptease in a disco. It Has nothing to do with the context nor with the story. And that is saying something.

The plot is very simple. Marina's father invite the daughter, her friends from college and the German governess at his hotel in Torvaianica for a carefree weekend. The girls there attract boys like a magnet and the rest is easy to imagine. We have full frontal nudity, soft-core scenes including a lesbian too. Not so much vulgar jokes, mostly useless from the final goal. (ie to see pieces of meat).
Is also "important" the subtle transformation of the German teacher, that at first looks like an ugly woman and out of fashion then reveal a beautiful, buxom blonde (De Santis) which does not hesitate to stay in microbikini or even the company of men especially that of the hotel's owner (Toni Ucci).
Apart Orchidea De Santis that even in those years would have deserved the artistic success who had in later years and and a part Tony Ucci, the rest is all trash. Actresses including, very ugly.
Uh ... we promise to talking about the positive aspects? Oh yeah ... sorry. The latest is the soundtrack, composed by the group "The Main One" that resemble ear, for us it's them, the De Angelis brothers better known as Oliver Onions. Nice sound.