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Naughty Stewardesses

This movie smells so much of the seventies that despite it disappoint a bit 'expectations, remains a nice movie. With a film so colorful and ruined almost seems made Super8, with a cool, unfortunately unavailable, which mixes, soul, funk and popm, and with a director, Al Adamson, a damned genius and author many 70's b-movies, seventies a swarm of B-movie we don't feel right to sink this work.
We forgot a magnificent and fascinating theatrical trailer, that, it's true, create too many expectations then dashed.

"Naughty Stewardesses" is a quite good movie that is lost in the maze of a plot held together with the classical string and sometimes dwells too much.
The "naughty" of the title then, are less naughty than one can imagine seeing the trailer. The film, in fact, wander between the sexy comedy, dispensing several topless scenes and some soft-core, sexploitation and for many way is similar with the films of Russ Meyer (but without bigtits). Nothing outrageous, stuff for TV prime time.
That the protagonists are hostesses is an unimportant fact. It 'more like a shrewd business move that is based on a job that mostly in the seventies, but we can say today, is able to access the lively imagination. Born from an idea of the producer Sam Sherman who four years earlier, ie in 1971, distributes and markets in the States, the German erotic film "Die Stewardessen", titled "Swinging Stewardesses" who gets an unexpected success. Hence the logic to bind to the trade and the involvement of his friend Al Adamson, most famous for horrors that for this kind of movies.

"Naugthy ..." rests on the figure of three hostesses with libertine life as Barbara, Margie and Jane and Deb new recruits who initially remains amazed by the uninhibited life of the women and then she dived into it recruiting on the plane the old and rich Playboy Ben and Cal a young photographer for whom she pose half naked.
we see many parties in the villa of Ben and warm nights too with him, who had sex with some of the hostessess. Cal becomes increasingly jealous of Deb and in cahoots with Cake, a producer of porn films, he decides to kidnap Barbara, Jane and Deb asking redeem the Ben.
When Ben came at meeting point for the ramson he shoot and kills just when the guy repents for everything.
Few dramas and the four are back on the plane.
This movie had some nice problem during the shooting, such as the threat of abandonment of Adamson, then returned and outburst of the wife of Richard Smedley (Cal) occurring on the set because she thought her husband was acting in a porn.
Several scenes are also a "Cult". The best one is the sex scene between a stewardess in an aircraft and vice-pilot, particularly during the flight, with unsuspecting passengers, who wonder what happened to the girl and a boy, voyeur, the only one who to realize what is happening.
In the crew we can see the presence of Robert "Bob" Livingston, who has worked in about one hundred and forty films, the great majority Western and now in 1975 in "retirement" was persuaded to return and he plunge 71 years old in the good graces of young and pretty actresses. Not bad right?

Among the hostesses in addition to bursting Connie Hoffman, exit early from the world of entertainment, we can see the presence of Marilyn Joy blaxploitation heroine.

After "Naughty" shortly arrived "Blazing Stewardesses" a sort of sequel which has been most successful critical and commercial brush up on old American star of the show. "Naughty" is not a masterpiece but it is a nice B movie.