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The Barrier
Sometimes all you need is a little bit of luck. For example, "The Barrier", original title "La Valla", Spanish series by Daniel Écija, set in 2045 in Madrid, premiered on January 19, 2020 on Atresplayer Premium, before moving on to Antenna 3 and then on Netflix.
What about luck? Debut date in hand, “The Barrier” tells of a world in which a virus has decimated the population and the Spanish government, with dictatorial manners, manages the situation. Thus we see that in the capital a barrier divides the people, who live between rationing of food and water, from the establishment which instead lives a comfortable life as well as being almost safe from the virus.
Apart from the dystopian / dictatorial exaggerations, I said that it is very fortunate to come out with this theme, just before a global pandemic. Such a fortuitous case, that I was certain that this series had been shot, in a hurry, in the summer of 2020. No, it wasn’t and among other things, Écija wanted to point on social differences in society, on how much money and power can change life prospects. In the end the news changed the perspectives of the series, making it a dystopian story up to date as well as arousing emotions of annoyance for the worrying catastrophic scenarios that offers to us. Something that certainly pleases conspiracy theorists, who can see their best ravings. Unfortunately, however, "The Barrier" it is not a terrifying "post-nuke" (and not even a corrosive social criticism), because as often happens with Spanish series, there are a long series of situations romantic and twists that are good for fiction, which partially bury the story.
A rich and cunning production and a direction that tries to do things well are the positive aspects of a work that perhaps will have a second series (not yet confirmed) because the author says he has a lot to tell, given the cliff hanger of the 'last episode and also seen the success on Netflix in contrast with the mediocre response on Antenna 3.
The story tells the story of a family trying to survive in Madrid, where Hugo, his brother and the daughter of the first one, Marta, return to visit their wife's family.
Waiting for them is Julia, the twin sister-in-law and mother-in-law played by the great Ángela Molina, certainly the leading actress in this series.
After routine blood tests, Marta is kidnapped by the government. Her family tries in every way to free her, discovering the lies of power and igniting the consciences of the people, but also of some members of power.
" Won't somebody please think of the children?" is a famous meme of the "Simpsons" but also the sense of "The Barries". It is a bit of a shame that everything relies on this thing, accompanying itself, as mentioned, to romantic situations, because some moments are well thought and the story capture the attention.
 el sentido de "La Valla". Y es un poco un pecado que todo dependa de esto, acompañándose, como se mencionó, a situaciones románticas, porque algunos momentos están bien pensados ​​y la historia es interesante