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The star Martin Rauch, seems happy in the first months of 1990. He said that now, after fall of the communism the world is free, the democracy has won. Follow a gallery of images about the things that happened since 1990. Trump’s wall included. A funny and good ending with a lot of sarcasm.
Things could have been much better, but the sentence spoken by Rauch interprets the sentiment of those years very well. The idea of a global peace, without two opposing blocs that threatened the world. A worthy closure for a series focused on the world of espionage, which began in a remarkable way with Deutschland 83, continued with the horrendous Deutschland 86 and ended with some shadows with this last chapter.
Deutschland 89, always has the Eurospy craziness in mind and begins his story in the hot days of November 1989. The wall falls, Romania soon begins its protests and instead of global peace, a series of vultures turns on the ruins of the communist bloc. The DDR establishment that does not want to lose money and power tries to infiltrate the reunification process or flee abroad, in this case to Sorrento, because, they say, in Italy the Communist Party is strong. Then there are the diehards, those who do not want the rise of the West, obscure members of the dissolved RAF, mixed with maverick dogs of the Stasi, who in November 1989 killed Alfred Herrhausen, president of Deutsche Bank (an attack that has never been clarified thoroughly). The Russians cannot be missing, even if by now they are more an extra than anything else and finally, obviously, the CIA and FBI, ready as always to destabilize the situation even more.
In this tangle, Martin Rauch tries to fix things, helping the fall of the wall but also trying to curb the delusions of grandeur of the Americans.
A role perhaps too exaggerated for the young spy (played as always by Jonas Nay) who started his career by chance in 1983 and who takes a beating, escapes murders and travels to Europe in an often paradoxical way. But as mentioned, we live the Eurospy madness. With him some new characters, including a mysterious teacher and others known, such as Aunt Lenora, played by the good Maria Schrader, the father of Martin, director of the Stasi, Walter and the American spy Virginia.
The strength of this latest series lies precisely in the two secondary characters, the Aunt and the father, who live the historical period with opposing and often changing hopes and feelings.
Deutschland 89, even with its flights of fantasy that touch the chronicles, is a good postcard of the period, a well done series. Irresistible and brilliant comic note, a former Stasi agent who tries to become an entrepreneur, with Steve Jobs in mind, proposing technological innovations: a web cam and a voice-controlled home automation system. Nobody takes him seriously.