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Bedside Highway
Fourth episode of "Sengekantsfilm" or "Bedside films" if you prefer, with a tantalizing idea. The government decides to build a highway that passes through a small village. The inhabitants protest and block the works. The government sends an official to deal with the city council, which is made up of women, who try to get him into a compromising situation. In short, they try to seduce him.
An idea that could be taken up and adapted to an infinite number of situations today, even to play down a little. An idea that, however, in this film, is not developed as in other episodes of the series, because "Bedside Highway" is a film, light, not very sexy, almost a family movie.
John Hilbard the director, doesn’t work with Ole Søltoft who takes a break, promoting Søren Strømberg, well-known Søltoft shoulder, to male lead role. On the female side there is certainly the beautiful Birte Tove, who, as mentioned, is in a more restrained role than usual.
After a good start, "Motorvej på sengekanten" or "Bedside Highway", settles on boring situations that the slight increase in the pace of the second part cannot reverse.
The best aspect of this 1972 film is the music of Ole Høyer who composes a sound commentary between pop and easy listening that saves the viewer from sleep. And falling asleep on the highway, as we know, is not the best.