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Goal of the dead
Do you know those football players who do not have great skills to show, but who, thanks to their commitment and cunning, manage to do their job in an excellent way? Here, those. They exactly represent “Goal of the Dead” 2014 French film directed by Thierry Poiraud and Benjamin Rocher. A horror / comedy that look with admiration (like all horror comedies) "Shaun of the dead", clearly mentioned in the credits and that has no world-class skills but as mentioned, with cunning and commitment passes the test abundantly.
First of all, the idea is original. Maybe I'll be wrong, but I don't seem to have ever seen or heard about horror movies set in the world of football. Comic films yes, of course, but never horror. A film that between zombies and balls, also manages to ironize about the world of football, with an old football star who hopes for a heartfelt homage from his old fans, a new and spoiled rising star of the ball and again, unscrupulous managers, coaches too romantic, idiots fans and female fans who remember the groupies.
And of course there is no lack of horror. Although "Goal of the Dead" sometimes falls, like almost all zombie movies, in the desire to "quote" Romero, the two French directors do not miss blood spatters, smashed heads and above all a crescendo of action in the second half. Another clever idea is to divide the film, like the matches, in a first and second half with a break that shows us a short flash back on the life of the protagonist.
The hero of the day is a certain Sam Lorit, a footballer one step away from retirement and star of Olympique Paris, who with his team must play a useless Cup match in Caplongue, his hometown, against the local team, that is the team that launched him. Lorit hopes for a lovely welcome from his former fans but the locals are waiting for him rather pissed off and still angry for the betrayal of the football player who preferred the money of Paris, rather than local pride. The not exactly welcoming choirs are not the worst aspect, because the number 10 of the Caplongue foams with anger, in the true sense of the word, thanks to the doping that his father, a social doctor, injects him and that, due to an excessive dosage turns him into a zombie.
The resulting apocalypse commits Lorit, who discovers also that he has a daughter, a journalist, the rising star Idriss Diago, who are trying to put an end to everything and above all to get out alive.
A direction that does its duty and that manages to play well with action and special effects, makes "Goal of the dead" a pleasant surprise.