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Red Dot
From the first Swedish film produced by Netflix, new dynamics arrive for those beautiful holidays like “Deliverance”. A work that, in fact, in addition to the technology already mentioned in the title, inserts a multi-ethnic couple and other current things / situations.
It must be said that in the end "Red Dot" seems nothing more than this, an updated version of the Boorman film and from the very first minutes the story is follow the classic canons of the genre.
Dave and Nadia (plus their dog) are a young couple who, to strengthen a bond that is a little in crisis, accept a gift from a neighbour: a weekend in the woods to see the Aurora.
In the village where they stay, they come across the classic racist yokels with whom they fight animatedly. Then, as expected, instead of avoiding danger they isolate themselves, sleep in tents in a wood and in the middle of the night are awakened by the red dot of a rifle, the one that gives the film its title. Thus begins the nightmare, the game between predator and prey, with some gore scenes, a rather obvious death (guess that dies first) and some very easy ideas.
However when you're thinking that there is nothing new or interesting, "Red Dot" places two well thought out twists that turn the story upside down and move the film into thriller territories.
Alain Darborg who, in addition to directing, writes the screenplay with Per Dickson, puts a lot of effort into trying to cover the obvious budget limits. Not all is for the best, but the simplicity of this film is appreciable and thanks to a notable dramatic crescendo “Red Dot” is a pleasantly entertaining film.