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All my friends are dead
Turbonegro are a Norwegian band that travels between punk, death metal and hard core, a little controversial but with very high intensity and rhythms. One of their best known songs is called "All my friends are dead" just like this Polish film. And just like the song I expected from this work, by newcomer Jan Belcl, the same things. Speed, determination, nastiness.
I must say that the first few minutes met my expectations. Two idiotic cops investigate a strange crime scene. Then a flashback shows us a wild New Year's party with many absurd characters who get lost in alcohol, music and some crazy jokes.
Placed the story and presented the protagonists it was legitimate to wait with great enthusiasm for the explanation of the title but like its characters, even the screenplay is lost in chaos or rather you forget to put something interesting. Minute by minute, "All my friends are dead" becomes more and more a version with deaths of "American Pie", whose tragic events alternating with insane moments follow each other without great interest. Towards the end it seems that even Belcl realizes this and accelerates, trying to close everything as soon as possible.
A roaring title aside (by the way there is no song of the same name), this film has very little to say, also nullifying a convincing direction and a well-made cinematography and the excellent use of music, without forgetting a closure not bad at all.
But the positive sides are not enough to save a film that spoils America, for obvious commercial reasons.