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There is no ray of light, real or metaphorical, in any of the eight episodes of "Hausen". A nightmare suspended in time between objects from the eighties and the Euro, lost in the darkness of a huge building that refers to the construction of the DDR.
In fact, this is the inspiration of director Till Kleinert, here only as an author and creator with Anna Stoeva, who in 1984 moved with her mother to a huge, gloomy building not yet connected to the city. The idea of the story, however, arrives in 2006 on the wave of "Hospital der Geister" by Lars von Trier, which makes him think about how "nice" it would be to tell the anxieties, experiences, of his childhood in a horror key.
So here is “Hausen” a German product, from a Germany that always seems to be able to propose rather interesting things. A series this, which has unleashed an endless list of possible sources of inspiration and comparisons from "The Shining" to Lars Von Trier, passing through Sam Raimi. The essence of the Sky Original series is precisely this, the whole world of horror from cursed houses, disturbing ghosts and lives lived to the limit, mixed and re-proposed in the aforementioned scenario. Can be said that "Hausen" is not original, and it is true, but the final result is very convincing thanks to the restlessness it generates, thanks to a narrative that sips the events to the end. Excellent production, which makes great use of GCI and makes excellent use of the location (a former DDR hospital in Berlin), where the direction of Thomas Stuber can give life to nightmares and desperation.
After the death of his wife, Jaschek and his son Juri, move to a new house, where the man takes up service as a maintenance worker. An atmosphere of despair is immediately felt among the condominiums who lead apparently opposing lives. Those who try to find a bourgeois dignity and those who are looking for ways to get by. But there is one thing that unites everyone: a strange slime that gushes from the pipes and walls and seems to catalyse everyone's lives.