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Sky Rojo
The Spanish Armada of the Spanish TV series strikes again. King Alex Pina is unstoppable and while we are waiting for the last chapter of " Money Heist " and after "White Lines", he offers us the long-awaited "Sky Rojo" in league with Netflix.
Only eight episodes (the second season has already been announced), of about half an hour in which you can see the classic style of the Spanish series: kitsch and scumbag. Who knows why, all or almost all the Iberian series have to suffer from this things.
"Sky Rojo" points with honour to female exploitation, talking about sex and putting on some tits, mixed with blood and action.
A very evident reference to female violence like Russ Meyer, Tarantino but also to a certain way of telling Alex De La Iglesia, without forgetting “Thelma & Louise”. Things that make any lover of genre or independent cinema foam at the mouth, but after having seen “Sky Rojo”, he is quite disappointed.
Pina, in fact, gives us a product that beyond the apparent good intentions at the beginning, looks like a soap opera with weapons and blood. And boobs.
The girl power of the premise almost immediately dampens its power and at a certain point even the protagonists and villains find themselves almost in balance. Sexy ballets and strong words to raise the level of what is allowed is cool, but in the end they appear more like a parody of the same genre than a way to tell the story.
“Sky Rojo” had deceived us, or at least it had deceived us lovers of a certain cinema. Because it is normal for Pina to aim for nothing more than a platform product, suitable for the general audience, to which he added a little spicy and a lot of action. It must be recognized that he reaches the goal with a sparkling story, easy to follow and with an accurate production, with excellent cinematography in saturated colours. However it remains an extremely banal product.
"Sky Rojo" tells the story of three strippers/prostitutes played by Verónica Sánchez (Coral), Yany Prado (Gina) and Lali Espósito (Wendy), who work in a club in the middle of the desert (yes, like the one in " From Dusk till Dawn”), who one day in search of a new life run away from the club, leaving some blood. Clearly who runs the club is a ruthless gangster who sends his minions (idiots) to retrieve the girls. Between chases, deaths and shootings, the dramatic stories of life and desperation of these three girls deepen victims as always of the events and ended up in spite of themselves in the classic troubles.