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She-Devils on Wheels
It is not enough Herschell Gordon Lewis as director to be an excellent b movie. Of course, of course, his presence is guarantee of a certain way of making movies and let’s says that yes, having him as director helps a lot. However if you want a guarantee seal, you need someone else's appreciation, for example a band like The Cramps that in the 2001 reissue of the album "A Date with Elvis" inserts "Get Off the road" central theme of this 1968 film.
Herschell Gordon Lewis and The Cramps are a more than valid reason to see this rambling example of explotation or rather Bikexploitation, which seems like the stupid cousin of “Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! " and the poor one of the Hell's Angels. Already the name of this gang, whose symbol looks like the pink panther with the bow tie, deserves an applause: Man Eaters. Not to mention the incipit that sees a good American girl leave the family home, enter a garage and come out transformed and aboard her roaring motorcycle, with which she joins her companions.
The Men Eaters after a party in which they select the males, they face a big problem and that is one of them "maybe" is in love with a certain Bill. And that's not good. The girl has to choose between him and them. She chooses them, they torture him and then they start wandering around the American province bullying every male they meet, giving life to very funny fight scenes and motorbike races.
The rest of this delirium is in the hands of dear Herschell Gordon Lewis who, as always with a small budget and little technique, puts together a film in which, according to the news, the actresses were real motorcyclists. That's is another good thing of this this fantastic b movie.