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Suburbia Killer
I am so terrified of Spanish TV series that at every scene of the eight episodes of “Suburbia Killer” or “El Inocente”, I thought: “Here comes that crazy thing that ruins everything”. The shadow of Alex Pina haunts me. I have to admit it.
However in this Netflix series directed by Catalan Oriol Paulo and shot in Barcelona, where it is also partly set, there is no trace of those things that regularly ruin every Spanish series. Could it be that Oriol Paulo is Catalan? Or that it is taken from the book of the same title by the American Harlan Coben whose works have already passed and will pass on the well-known streaming platform? Therefore, it is not an idea born in Spain.
It must be said that some who have read the book, write that Oriol Paulo's TV series keeps the tension higher. In fact, it must be recognized, despite not having read Coben's work, that "Suburbia Killer" has the advantage of having a tense, well thought-out narrative, which in fact keeps the viewer on his toes until the last scene of the last episode. And the way of telling is the flagship of the whole series which, in addition to the dramatic plot, finds an original way of presenting the characters, introducing them at the beginning of each episode with their past and their hopes. Hopes yes, because “Suburbia Killer” revolves around new opportunities, new lives, but over which a painful past looms.
Mateo “Matt” played by Mario Casas, a well-known Spanish actor who as far as I am concerned I have appreciated several times in the films of De La Iglesia is the protagonist of this intricate story, a psychological thriller, a puzzle of situations. Released from prison after four years for causing the death of a boy in a fight, he tries to rebuild his life. And he succeeds. He graduates, becomes a lawyer, works in his brother's office and meets Olivia who becomes his wife and with whom is about to have a child.
Here, where we find them, something happens. Olivia leaves for work and strange messages and photos arrive on Mateo's cell phone. It is the beginning of a series of situations that uncover the past of all the protagonists, including policemen, highlighting the secrets, errors and grudges of a past that everyone thought was forgotten.
“Suburbia Killer” does not dislike showing, however without exaggerating, “splatter” moments or pulp situations, with some limits of credibility. A series that also takes us into the world of prostitution and exploitation, curiously touching another Spanish work of this year: "Sky Rojo". But Paulo talks about it in a rawer, less pop and no frills way.
Of course, there is no lack of the romantic aspect that who knows it has to be in every Spanish series. One thing that makes "Suburbia Killer" slip a little, especially at the end, but, fortunately, it does not spoil a series that was a pleasant surprise. With Mario Casas, we find other rather well-known Spanish interpreters at home and with experience abroad. Madrid-based Aura Garrido, co-star and award-winning actress of film, TV and theatre, Alexandra Jiménez, from "Los Serranos" and above all from the film adaptation of "Toc Toc", Martina Gusmán known for the Argentine crime "Carancho" and Juana Acosta .