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The cut-throats
This is a western, as the opening credits and the related tune show. No, sorry, seeing the first scenes I would say it is a rape revenge. No, I think that it is a war film as the following images show us or maybe it is a women in prison, a nazisploitation or an erotic film. In the end: what the hell is  it "The cut-throats"?
The only thing that is clear is that it is a great b movie, rambling enough, badly made, which gives us everything a bad movie should have. Boobs. Fight. Blood. Ineptitude. And a plot that makes little sense.
We are in the Germany of the Second World War. A Germany that seems so much United States to see the panorama, where a group of American soldiers but without symbols or flags, must attack a Nazi Country Club with a golf course (I swear, so they say in the film, I didn't invent it) where there are war plans.
The place attacked and conquered without major problems is actually a brothel that holds an enormous treasure. Thus the girls between ballets, stripteases and various performances entertain the Americans, in some cases underlining their loyalty to the Nazi regime. Hidden instead, a general (or a Nazi officer) with a soldier and above all with Uschi Digard have a good time. The great Uschi is in effect, the plus of this 1969’s film and offers us, in addition to the vision of her legendary boobs, the cult scene: she gets some wine licked from her body.
For the rest, the battle between soldiers rages, but more than to win the war they think about of hidden money.
A hallucinating mix of things, including shootings, naked bodies and a lot of music and ballet, so crazy and badly done to reach psychedelic atmospheres that make this film an interesting chapter for B Movies lovers.
What does the song and the western-style titles have to do with the movie honestly escapes me, but in addition to Uschi Digard, certainly the best known name, "The Cut Throats" stands out for the director John Hayes who went down in history for other b movies but also for an Oscar nomination for the screenplay of the short "The Kiss".