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Il sommergibile più pazzo del mondo
The always beloved Dogui who for the few who do not who is, is Guido Nicheli, plays an American general, dubbed for the occasion, with a Yankee accent. I would say that it is a presentation that already indicates a lot of a film that plunges us into a sea of trash. However if American Guido Nicheli is not enough for you, there is Bombolo trying to deliver to the protagonists of this 1982 film by Mariano Laurenti, the famous postcard calling to the army.
I would say that so, in the opening minutes it is clear where we are and that is in a film with gags bordering the joke movie, already seen in the past and that gets worse over time.
Let's take it easy and start with a title that explicitly refers to the bad Italian translation of  the movie "Airplane!".
Then we have a large cast of character who in addition to the aforementioned Nicheli (in a small role) and Bombolo, sees Enzo Cannavale, Gianni Ciardo, Giorgio Ariani, Ernesto Thole, Sergio Di Pinto, Vincenzo Crocitti, headed by Felice Andreasi and horny by inevitable beautiful that in this case is Anna Maria Rizzoli.
"The most beautiful breasts in Italy", here pretends to be a trans to help her boyfriend and not have him recalled to service. The trick doesn't work, although she shows her tits to Andreasi and ends up in the dormitory to the delight of her fellow soldiers and that of the audience who at least have something decent to see.
This colorful group of usual uniformed assholes is called back to the navy for a "race" against an American submarine and as mentioned, ours delight us with sketches that don't work.
If you are among those who think that the saga of the military doctor is the worst thing you have seen it is because you have not stumbled upon this film.