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It needs courage, a lot of courage, to make a series like this that could inspire young people to follow its exploits, that is, to play a game in which they risk their lives. A bit like an old pain in the ass these first lines, I know, but it is the first thought that came to me seeing the adventures of the stars in the series based on a Lauren Oliver’s novel and adapted by the same who is also the executive producer.
For the rest "Panic" is a late adolescent series with a desire to embrace the thriller and a light horror. Thus, we find ourselves with a job that mixes the dreams and affairs of recent graduates with a story in which there are deaths, revenge and a series of creepy secrets.
The result is that "Panic" allows itself to be followed with great attention, because the intrigue grows and is well managed, but it weakens its strength, at least for an old pain in the ass like me, with a series of long affairs that occupy a big part of each episode.
Greater value is the spoof of the stereotypes of the characters. The bully, what a bully he is not, the good guy who is not all good, the best friend ready to betray. And so on.
"Panic" also includes characters that in the end do not have a real function, are the outline, excessively vague, leaving the doubt that there has not been time to develop them. Some absurdity or a moment that is too overwhelming frame a series played by very young actors, little known to the general public, but definitely all of them in part.
Panic is the name that the recent graduates of Carp, a boring town lost in Texas, give to a game of courage in which they can win a lot of money and escape from there. Nobody knows who organizes Panic (and them not even told at all) and nobody knows, if some unpleasant incidents occurred in previous editions were the result of the swagger of the contestants or some dark horror / thriller plot.
The local police investigate the game, which seems to be the easy version of the colleagues from "Twin Peaks". Diving from a hill into a lake, spending the night in a "haunted" house, stealing an object in the property of a violent villager, are some of the proofs that Heather (Olivia Welch) classic American good girl, Natalie her best friend ( Jessica Sula), bully Ray (Ray Nicholson) and mysterious Dodge (Mike Faist) must face.
Test after test, however, disturbing contours emerge, while the contestants, as mentioned, weave love relationships and try to overcome some problems.
Closing with happy ending and disturbing cliff-hanger that opens to a second season not yet confirmed.