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Furia en el tropico
The prison of “Orgasmo Perverso” also known as “Furia en el trópico” or “Mujeres acorraladas”, is certainly not one of those remembered in the world of Women in Prison or in the huge filmography of our favourite director: Jess Franco. However, "Furia en el tropico" has something that makes it, if nothing else, an enjoyable film. Simple, extremely simple but fun.
Of course, the plot of women in prison is taken up as it is in this 1986 film, which has two fugitives, a sadistic and lesbian warden, a maniac military, another handsome and fascinating, and the rebels flanked by the two protagonists. And again, I have to repeat, although there is nothing new or exciting, the good Franco passes the test.
Probably thanks to the narration of the film, with continuous flashbacks or thanks to the protagonist, Lina Romay who although she is not in the best of times, despite still young, is certainly in a part of her very much of her, underlined by her husband's direction.
She and a friend are two prostitutes who work in a pueblo. Lina is in love with a soldier, Chano, played by Antonio Mayans who with her and Ricardo Palacios, in the role of a maniac colonel, are the three well-known names of this work. The two girls arrested and imprisoned in the classic lesbian prison escape thanks to Chano who then offers to help the leader of the resistance, a kind of wounded hippie. Final twist.
That's all. But not bad come on.