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Army of the dead
At the end it is always a wicked idea that generates an unfortunate series of events. Like a blowjob in the car, with the distracted driver crashing into a military column carrying something very secret and dangerous. The incident starts a zombie pandemic that hits and destroys none other than Las Vegas. On the notes of "Viva Las Vegas" we see topless zombie dancers attack the usual patrons of the "City of sin" and many other tasty scenes.
Zack Snyder opens with great force this film distributed by Netflix which is the beginning of a new franchise, born from an old idea of the director, which, as we know, had already dealt with the zombie theme in the past. Unfortunately, this convincing beginning is also the best thing about the whole film and if the best is at the beginning of a job that lasts over two hours, we can say that we have a problem.
It is not clear if "Army of the dead" wants to be a parody of the genre or of heist movies ("Ocean's Eleven" comes to mind) or romantic films or if it wants to be a zombie movie with the classic emotional sides. While Snyder is likely trying to make a decision, he runs a long story in which he leaves open many narrative strands and / or unexplained situations. All between deaths, explosions and much more that if everything had lasted less they would have made up for the narrative shortcomings. In the end, “Army of the dead” is a noisy pastime with a great use of CGI, but too confusing and incomplete.
In Las Vegas devastated by zombies and divided by a wall from the rest of the States, there is still a huge treasure to be recovered that the usual strange character, Bly Tanaka (Hiroyuki Sanada) wants to recover. To do so, he enlists a colorful group of characters led by Scott Ward (played by the well-known Dave Bautista) hero during the zombie pandemic and now owner of a diner. The others in the group are paramilitary experts and there is also Scott's daughter, engaged in humanitarian cases and the usual nerd expert in safes, all played by well-known faces of the TV series (see Theo Rossi or Garret Dillahunt).
Our people in the devastated Las Vegas have to face a horde of zombies divided into castes, the normal ones and the so-called "Alpha" ones, that is, more advanced. The mission, of course, is not easy