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Blood Sucking Freaks

The approach to this movie is misleading. You read "Troma" and think at a great film of the company owned by Kaufmann. You see the first few minutes with people that laughs in a theater and think of a film truly trash.
But then you discover that Troma has only acquired the rights, putting his hands on the title and not just on content, changing from "The Incredible Torture Show" to the title in question, and especially, minute after minute the film "truly trash" it transformed into something heavy, disgusting and macabre voyeurism.

1976's movie directed by Joel M. Reed, who was inspired by his story in part to "Wizard of Gore" Herschell in 1970, and in part by a theater in Paris 'Grand Guignol' where to from-the-century until after World War II performed horror/gore shows.

"Bloodsucking freaks or" Blood Sucking Freaks", if you prefer is a film permeated with sadomasochism pushed to excess with strong misogynistic connotations. Abused women, tortured, kept in cages like animals and turned into cannibals submissive to the will and pleasure of the boss Sardus.

Not that here we have never talked about torture and blood and women maltrats, but in this movie the "free" of this kind of things is really excessive. It reached its peak with a woman to whom a self-styled doctor-cropped hair, the skull hole and makes a nice drink. Without mentioning women targets of darts, bargaining chips in board games and the hot dog penis of the final scene.

Place of this dark story is a theater we can say "underground" one located in New York where Sardus, head of art, putting on shows in which maims and kills women. We could define: snuff-theater what do you think?

The public, however, is reluctant to believe what he sees, exchanging all for clever special effects, and there is also theater critic who refuses to review what he sees.

Things that get annoys Sardus assisted by his dwarf servant Ralphus. The man between murders, trafficking in women, and sex games, decides to kidnap the critic and a famous dancer. The first is tortured but he resists at everything, but the girl tired of the tortures agrees to do a show for Sardus.
We have also the boyfriend of the girl who, after the woman disappeared, relies on a detective to find her, but she is now fully subject to Sardus.
Considered one of the worst films in history according to various critics and polls, we must recognize to "Blood Sucking Freaks" , however, an interesting idea, see theater and macabre horror and occasionally, very occasionally, some decent shooting. But you can avoid seeing with no regrets.