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Shame of the jungle
I have to admit my faults. I don't really like, to say the least, adult animated films and when I come across one of them, I watch it with great interest and enthusiasm.
It creates great expectations for this genre. So it was also for this 1975 Franco / Belgian cartoon by Picha and Boris Szulzinger, presented at Cannes and then became a great international success above all thanks to the English version, censored, which features the voices of Bill Murray and John Belushi and other heroes of the Saturday Night Show.
As you can easily guess, this is the Tarzan parody, something that the heirs of Edgar Rice Burroughs did not particularly like, that is, the author of the well-known novel either for the mockery, and for the "obscenities" present. It is no coincidence that the international version is titled "Shame of the jungle".
Now, with all these premises, the voices of famous people, the obscenities, the parody, "Tarzoon" really has my full attention. And the beginning of this work proves to deserve it. The beginning. Only that though. Because minute by minute, more than the "honte de la jungle" is "ennui de la jungle" that is, the boredom of the jungle. You see walking penises, boobs, naked women, you hear dirty jokes (mostly from the school) but nothing that makes me understand why this cartoon was a great success. And nothing that makes me feel empathy for that jerk (said in positive terms) Tarzoon. Only a great boredom.
The story tells of Queen Bazonga (her name is that of the original version) who wants to conquer the world, but she is bald and ashamed for this state. Then she kidnaps June to scalp her. It is obviously up to the inept Tarzoon to redeem himself and save her beauty.