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Slave Girls from Beyond Infinity
Two blondes in bikinis escape from a prison on some undefined planet. What can be said is a good start to a film that has all the characteristics to be a b movies of tits and aliens, as the tasty title suggests.
Neither more nor less.
Well, in fact, this 1987 film is just like that. But it must be said that director Dixon and the production try to do things right. They do not succeed, at least, not always, but it must be recognized that they try to start with the robots, made up of rather dignified costumes.
Probably a large part of the budget ended up there and in the main set (a kind of fortress) and they forgot to pay someone who could write a story that kept attention from start to finish.
However, there are the girls in bikinis, Daria (Elizabeth Kaitan) and Tisa (Cindy Beal), who, in addition to escaping, crash on a planet ruled by a certain Zed (Don Scribner), who is also the only inhabitant surrounded by the already cited robots. The planet is a paradise, lush greenery and sandy beaches that look like Malibu's (and, indeed, they are). Then Zed is a very kind host. What can ever go wrong? Well, the fact that two other people ended up there by chance, tell the protagonists that some of their friends have disappeared into thin air.
And from there on, it turns out that Zed is not what he appears to be. But that's all I say.
The story, in fact, would have great appeal (bikini or not I mean) and above all great potential in terms of action. But for some reason it all slows down excessively, leaving the aforementioned bikinis and some fleeting boobies the only moments in which Ken Dixon's film keeps the attention high.
A somewhat wasted opportunity for a work that is inspired by "The Most Dangerous Game" of 1932.