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Into the night
Those of the Moscow/Brussels flight, driven by the wave of an unexpected success of a series that summarizes it all in six episodes of about 35 ', are, to our delight, back. Of course, it is not easy to repeat the exploit of the first season and of course the surprise effect has completely vanished, because yes, we already know, that the sun is deadly.
Jason George, the showrunner, still picks up ideas from The Old Axolotl by Jacek Dukaj, already at the centre of the first series, while there is a change of direction with the Belgian Nabil Ben Yadir and the French Camille Delamarre who take the place of Inti Calfat and Dirk Verheye.
It is not easy to repeat, I said, and George seems to know it well, since he is looking for a new path and above all a new point of view. Each episode tells us a little about the characters' previous lives, while at the centre of it all are the female characters who, for better or for worse, trigger events.
A change that is more appropriate than ever, for an even more claustrophobic season that highlights, in addition to the female figures, the wickedness of mankind struggling with the well-known apocalypse. On this aspect, "Into the night" goes further and deeper than many other series, not having many scruples in eliminating lovable characters and showing rather surprising murders.
On the other hand, however, in the probable pursuit of entertainment, the amount of events (betrayals, plans and wickedness) often leads to confusing moments that do not give anything new or interesting to the story.
The sense of claustrophobia passes from the planes to a bunker in Bulgaria run by NATO soldiers, where the protagonists took refuge at the end of the first series. And so, in fact, the story picks up where it left off, with some soldiers who can't stand newcomers and newcomers trying to get respected.
The spark soon explodes, triggering a series of events that destroy everything around them. The final cliffhanger opens up to a third series that seems to be already in the works.