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With all confidence this could become the reference film of various conspiracy theorists. A checkmate to who would rule the world by M. Night Shyamalan, who is inspired by the graphic novel "Château de sable", written by Pierre-Oscar Levy and drawn by Frederik Poetesche apparently it was given to him by his children and that immediately it hit him to the point to buy immediately the rights.
You say: if it is inspired by a graphic novel, what is the fault of the director of any conspiracy theses you mentioned in the first lines? Well the American director has changed some things, such as the ending, and it is reasonable to think that he has also ridden the wave of the last few years.
In any case, Shyamalan takes us into a horror / thriller focused on the passage of time, exacerbating the theme, which already (sorry, but I'm old) is definitely dramatic.
It all revolves around a group of tourists from a luxurious resort who take an organized trip to a beach famous for its beauty. There, however, they realize that they are trapped and that above all time passes much faster than elsewhere. So between useless escape attempts, the protagonists have to face the problem, between inevitable clashes.
Gael Garcia Bernal plays Guy married to Prisca (Vicky Krieps), a couple in crises, with children who take one last vacation before the divorce. Rufus Sewell is instead Charles married to Chrystal (model Abbey Lee) obsessed with physical appearance. There are also an Asian couple and a rapper named Mid-Sized Sedan.
Rather well-known interpreters at the service of a film that dispenses a lot of elegance and above all, every now and then, brilliant camera movements. Shyamalan's hand is undoubtedly the best thing in a movie, in which the "passing of time" affects not only the protagonists but also the story itself. Minute by minute the story becomes less interesting, it gets lost in the beach where it is set, inserting predictable intertwining and situations that lead to nothing. The blatantly commercial ending and above all pulled beyond belief closes the circle of a film that is a descending parable, just like the life of its characters.